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*Fuck This Program.

If I'm lucky, I can get a single measly 110 (give or take 10) kb graphic uploaded in an _hour_. If I'm not so lucky, it freezes midway, or the connection conveniently breaks upon hitting 95%.

By some miracle of the universe, I managed to get lucky a few times, and have some of the cards I created thus far uploaded in their entirety. Also luckily, the fully uploaded cards cover all of the elements, so you can see what each of the bases look like. Feedback would be appreciated.

Sample Water Base

Sample Earth Base
(reason(s) for this can be found in the comments below)
Sample Fire Base

I hope this isn't a controversial decision, but I decided to exclude "status". I thought it was a redundant extension of "title", and I didn't like the underlying notion of hierarchy (e.g. that one person should be "unofficial leader" and several others "followers").

In addition, I hope that people aren't unhappy with the pictures I chose. I prefer pictures in which people are actually _doing_ something, and/or not paying direct attention to the camera, rather than ones in which they pose (often with a fake smile) just for the sake of posing.

Bonus points to anyone who can find the picture on which the background of all cards are based. Hint: it's from a photo album of one of the people featured above.

Edit: I forgot to say that the numbers at the top left corner are of no importance; they simply indicate the order at which the cards are created. My own card was the second one I made, but it's only about one tenth of the way uploaded.
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