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*The Lunch Club Trading Card Project

Blaaaaah I've been finished with the template and a sample card for hours and hours now, and I'm keen to show what I have so far, but my FTP clients keep uploading only part of the image. Either my host or my computer is being silly. Whatever the case, I hope all will be sorted out at the latest by tomorrow.

I intend to categorize people by the elements water, fire, air, and earth. This is primarily so that we can have a range of color schemes (deep blue, red, gray/sky blue, and green/brown, respectively), instead of just one base color for all cards. I, of course, am airbitrary. I'm guessing Denise would choose fire (I used a picture of her for the sample card). The rest of you need to pick an element, and/or suggest elements under which you think other people would best fall.
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