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As some of you know, my current random obsession is chess. Despite the fact that it seems to be pretty closely related to my other interests and obsessions, it is a game I have never paid much attention to (until now) or quite gotten the hang of. I've always known the moves, but I'm horrible at seeing the big picture, planning out strategies, and all that.

Aside from gameplay, I've also been inspired by another aspect of chess; the actual crafting of the set. The more I ponder about it, the more it seems that making my own chess set would be a really neat little project. Each piece could be a person I know from real life (including myself, and you guys), or an object that is somehow meaningful.

After some more thinking, I settled on polymer clay as my medium. The only minor problems are that it's something I've never used before in my life, and the stuff is pretty hard to find in the Philippines. Of course, (1) that can only mean that I'll learn something new, and (2) where there's a will there's a way. Research tells me it is sold in Hobbes (one of my favorite stores!). I'll check it out sometime.

Since this has, in my mind, become a sort of extension of "aworld", I want ideas on who or what could be a representation of each piece, and perhaps some suggestions on general appearance. Some parts of my current vision:

- We are the "white" side, as in, we are the ones who initiate this game/war. Our base color does not have to be white, though. As always, I'm absurdly biased towards BLUE. It could be blue vs. black, or blue vs. brown, or blue vs. yellow, or sky blue vs. navy blue. Or, well, we don't necessarily have to be blue at all (though it is, of course, the best thing to be ;) ). Other color suggestions are welcome.

- If nothing else, the King should be an object rather than a person. It's a symbol of infinite power; of permanent destruction of the group once lost. Unless it is, say, a totem pole that includes a bit of each one of us, none of us an individual is important enough to be "King". Something similar could be said of the Queen, but I can potentially see Rhoda as this piece ("Queen Rhodoraland" - deta would know what I'm talking about), and it is not as important as the King anyway.

- The pieces as actual pieces should be (clearly) distinguishable from one another. Therefore, all pawns should be approximately the same size, and the non-pawns slightly larger than the pawns.

- I can see myself as a Knight (that is NOT a pun!), because their moves are the most random.

- Aside from the King (and possibly Queen), I don't intend to portray any piece as superior to another. I'm not going by the fact that 1 pawn can be viewed as being worth 1 unit, versus, for example, a rook being worth 5. As a team, we're different but equal, and we should cooperate, etc. [insert more peace making politically correct stuff here] I prefer to assign people roles based on what seems to fit their personality, regardless of the number of points each piece is technically worth.

To summarize, I hope to get answers to the following questions:
1. Which chess piece(s) do you think YOU could be?
2. Who should take the place of the other pieces?
3. What should be our base color?
4. What should be the other side's base color?
5. What kind of object should represent our "King"?
6. Who/what can be part of the other side? (the issue I'm most uncertain about. Some may be more at ease to discuss this in a protected entry :P )

(assume there's a "why" following each question)

Lastly, a couple of links to show the sorts of things that can be sculpted using polymer clay:
Interesting miniatures
Variety of chess sets
Someone else's cool chess set (my choice of medium for this project isn't original, I'm actually happy to say, for it means that I have good examples to study)

I'm trying not to get too carried away because it sometimes happens that, when starting something out of the blue I have no prior experience with, I lose interest as suddenly and quickly as I gain it. I can't guarantee this will go anywhere, but at this very moment I'm eager to develop this idea (ideas development, orgh!) into something great.
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