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FTP* [06 Jan 2006|12:42pm]

*Fuck This Program.

If I'm lucky, I can get a single measly 110 (give or take 10) kb graphic uploaded in an _hour_. If I'm not so lucky, it freezes midway, or the connection conveniently breaks upon hitting 95%.

By some miracle of the universe, I managed to get lucky a few times, and have some of the cards I created thus far uploaded in their entirety. Also luckily, the fully uploaded cards cover all of the elements, so you can see what each of the bases look like. Feedback would be appreciated.

Onto the cardsCollapse )

I hope this isn't a controversial decision, but I decided to exclude "status". I thought it was a redundant extension of "title", and I didn't like the underlying notion of hierarchy (e.g. that one person should be "unofficial leader" and several others "followers").

In addition, I hope that people aren't unhappy with the pictures I chose. I prefer pictures in which people are actually _doing_ something, and/or not paying direct attention to the camera, rather than ones in which they pose (often with a fake smile) just for the sake of posing.

Bonus points to anyone who can find the picture on which the background of all cards are based. Hint: it's from a photo album of one of the people featured above.

Edit: I forgot to say that the numbers at the top left corner are of no importance; they simply indicate the order at which the cards are created. My own card was the second one I made, but it's only about one tenth of the way uploaded.
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LTCTCP* [03 Jan 2006|09:57pm]

*The Lunch Club Trading Card Project

Blaaaaah I've been finished with the template and a sample card for hours and hours now, and I'm keen to show what I have so far, but my FTP clients keep uploading only part of the image. Either my host or my computer is being silly. Whatever the case, I hope all will be sorted out at the latest by tomorrow.

I intend to categorize people by the elements water, fire, air, and earth. This is primarily so that we can have a range of color schemes (deep blue, red, gray/sky blue, and green/brown, respectively), instead of just one base color for all cards. I, of course, am airbitrary. I'm guessing Denise would choose fire (I used a picture of her for the sample card). The rest of you need to pick an element, and/or suggest elements under which you think other people would best fall.
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File 005: Worldly Matters [10 Oct 2005|08:44pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Yes. Random crossover I had to get out of my system. If people like, I continue. Only Steff and Alex know about this guy though, I'll bet.

Once upon a time, there was a detective with shaggy black hair and eyes underscored by heavy application of dark eyeliner. He always wore loose, baggy sweatshirts and jeans, and sat with his legs curled up and his chin resting on his hands on his knees.

Once upon a time, there was a series of heart attacks that took down terrible criminals all around the world on a fairly regular basis. If it struck fear in any of the living ones, it didn’t show because they continued to kill and steal and on and on. It did arouse the consternation of a certain world agency who called in a famous detective to bring this killer of killers and others to justice.

Once upon a time, that detective with the shaggy hair and big eyes and innocent puppy dog appearance hunted down his quarry and chained themselves together in hopes of gaining proof for his suspicions. Once upon a time, he was correct and faltered, and in that moment his heart beat wildly as it had continued to do so lately.

Once upon a time, love for a human killed a death god(dess). But before that, she wrote down two people’s names.

Their hearts seized up as pain shot through their chests. They convulsed, spasming as ones shocked by hundreds of volts of energy.

And then they woke up.

Once upon a time, they had lived in a place where everyone was flat and everything was black or white and everyone understood what the other was saying no matter what country they were from.

But now, was not Once upon a time. Now was now. Now was this confusing clash of color and sound. Now was flashing lights and tightly packed warm bodies that made the detective claustrophobic.

Now was a hand latching itself onto his arm and tugging gently, but insistently.

The hand could belong to anyone in this sardine can. Sardine cans, he reflected, were probably just as damp and smelled as salty too. He followed it, cautious, unwilling. When he turned to call his aide, he could not find the aged, fatherly man anywhere.

He was pulled through the crowd by that floating limb for a good few minutes before finally coming out into a half-circle of six people. Under the clouded night sky in the flashing lights, it was hard to say who the hand had belonged to.

A single, short figure stepped forward. “Welcome, L.”

Can you see the Gordimer influence? *snort* I was thinking something along the lines of fantasy and reality blurring (yet again. Cliche it is, I know) and then we will have use of the many sharp pointy weapons in our armory that have yet to be revealed to y'all. Unless you've followed the link in my lj or seen the sketches in my book. Of course, if you can think if another way that is less cliche then let me know please... because I don't really write cliche well. (though how anything that revolves around our little group can be cliche is beyond me.... I guess it's the thought that counts. There's a connection in there, TRUST ME)

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[02 Oct 2005|02:32pm]

On my desk lie 40 ounces (that is the equivalent of, as Google will have me know, 2.5 pounds and 1.13398093 kilograms) of clay in a variety of nearly 20 colors.

It is waiting to be shaped according to my wishes. I feel so powerful.

Knead knead. Sooner or later I'll be able to create sculptures that resemble things other than random blobs.

Meanwhile, note that an LJ user by the name of disco_stalker has added a number of us to their friends list.
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Merpoly [30 Sep 2005|07:54pm]

As some of you know, my current random obsession is chess. Despite the fact that it seems to be pretty closely related to my other interests and obsessions, it is a game I have never paid much attention to (until now) or quite gotten the hang of. I've always known the moves, but I'm horrible at seeing the big picture, planning out strategies, and all that.

Aside from gameplay, I've also been inspired by another aspect of chess; the actual crafting of the set. The more I ponder about it, the more it seems that making my own chess set would be a really neat little project. Each piece could be a person I know from real life (including myself, and you guys), or an object that is somehow meaningful.

After some more thinking, I settled on polymer clay as my medium. The only minor problems are that it's something I've never used before in my life, and the stuff is pretty hard to find in the Philippines. Of course, (1) that can only mean that I'll learn something new, and (2) where there's a will there's a way. Research tells me it is sold in Hobbes (one of my favorite stores!). I'll check it out sometime.

Since this has, in my mind, become a sort of extension of "aworld", I want ideas on who or what could be a representation of each piece, and perhaps some suggestions on general appearance. Some parts of my current vision:

- We are the "white" side, as in, we are the ones who initiate this game/war. Our base color does not have to be white, though. As always, I'm absurdly biased towards BLUE. It could be blue vs. black, or blue vs. brown, or blue vs. yellow, or sky blue vs. navy blue. Or, well, we don't necessarily have to be blue at all (though it is, of course, the best thing to be ;) ). Other color suggestions are welcome.

- If nothing else, the King should be an object rather than a person. It's a symbol of infinite power; of permanent destruction of the group once lost. Unless it is, say, a totem pole that includes a bit of each one of us, none of us an individual is important enough to be "King". Something similar could be said of the Queen, but I can potentially see Rhoda as this piece ("Queen Rhodoraland" - deta would know what I'm talking about), and it is not as important as the King anyway.

- The pieces as actual pieces should be (clearly) distinguishable from one another. Therefore, all pawns should be approximately the same size, and the non-pawns slightly larger than the pawns.

- I can see myself as a Knight (that is NOT a pun!), because their moves are the most random.

- Aside from the King (and possibly Queen), I don't intend to portray any piece as superior to another. I'm not going by the fact that 1 pawn can be viewed as being worth 1 unit, versus, for example, a rook being worth 5. As a team, we're different but equal, and we should cooperate, etc. [insert more peace making politically correct stuff here] I prefer to assign people roles based on what seems to fit their personality, regardless of the number of points each piece is technically worth.

To summarize, I hope to get answers to the following questions:
1. Which chess piece(s) do you think YOU could be?
2. Who should take the place of the other pieces?
3. What should be our base color?
4. What should be the other side's base color?
5. What kind of object should represent our "King"?
6. Who/what can be part of the other side? (the issue I'm most uncertain about. Some may be more at ease to discuss this in a protected entry :P )

(assume there's a "why" following each question)

Lastly, a couple of links to show the sorts of things that can be sculpted using polymer clay:
Interesting miniatures
Variety of chess sets
Someone else's cool chess set (my choice of medium for this project isn't original, I'm actually happy to say, for it means that I have good examples to study)

I'm trying not to get too carried away because it sometimes happens that, when starting something out of the blue I have no prior experience with, I lose interest as suddenly and quickly as I gain it. I can't guarantee this will go anywhere, but at this very moment I'm eager to develop this idea (ideas development, orgh!) into something great.
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[06 Aug 2005|02:02pm]

How is it going? Is it still going?
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AvP2 Mapping Project [13 Jun 2005|08:10pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

Well I just started working on a multiplayer level for my team in AvP2. Here are a few screenshots; tell me how im doing and if you have any suggestions please feel free to post them ^_^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

There's a lot more i just don't really feel like taking so many screenshots.

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The Flaw of the "Map Project" [21 May 2005|11:03pm]

By the time the final work of pen & ink is finished, parts of our friendship structure have probably changed so much, the project is no longer applicable.

It captures our little group only at this point in time, and we have to remember that.

Like I want to remember how to spell "opus clavicembalisticum". I do. If anyone has a recording of this 4-hour piece of garbage or greatness, see it as you will, let me know.
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[14 May 2005|01:45pm]

Methinks we should get

some drawings done.

And some people to this community.

Methinks if you say something like

"join aworld" in your LJ

You ought to link "aworld",

or else peeps don't know what you're talking about.

Like this.

Join aworld.

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the MAP [10 May 2005|07:29pm]

[ mood | amused ]

uh-huh. i think it can be done. i'll give the details to athers when she gets back. she can have the WHOLE summer to work on it. yep. FUNness.

as of now... i give you the symbols i have right now. yep:

Gloria Over-spilling pouch
Rhoda middle finger
Stephanie quill
Alex Bow ‘n arrow, dragon
Ji Soo Volcano
Shruti Chinese coin thing…
Kathrina Eye-cloud-stalk thing
Tess Sofa
Sawyer Armed Squirrel or Nut
Milan Swastika
Travis Circle
Peltola Soccer Ball
Aru Aru’s Angel-Devil
Nattha Katana, asterisk
Denise Spork

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[03 May 2005|11:00pm]

At last! I made it here. Glo, your kenderkin really tried to make life difficult for me. I mean, the spork throwing was a bit amusing but the gears and cogs were heavy and hard to dodge. Sheesh. I know that you have a benevolent anarchy and all but please try to keep them under control.

Or else.
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[03 May 2005|10:08pm]

If there ever is a war, the kenderkin might throw bombs at detamina's floating island, and then it would blow up into pieces, and become a floating archipelago.
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Hi and image idea [02 May 2005|04:09pm]

This community was created for open and accessible discussion of anything related to The Map Project. It might make keeping track of where we are at slightly easier.

Hello and all that aside, I had the idea that we could all make one of our LJ icons symbolic of our respective areas on the map, and use it when posting an entry in this community. e.g. I could have an avatar with an overspilling pouch or group of islands, detamina some random island, stepfh red lava, or really anything that you think is a suitable representation of your role in The Map Project.
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i suppose [02 May 2005|03:38pm]

[ mood | amused ]

i could make a post.

glo, steff, kathrina... please go around asking people for their SYMBOLS if nothing else. because that's what athers needs to draw the map, i believe. and ask them about any physical features for their particular country, because that may have to be accomodated as well... eg. alex is an underwater country, caitlin has an island in a lake on the mainland... and things...

other things to ask for:

people to ask...


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